1)集資:目標是希望有100個家庭願將自己多餘的現款存放在該無息基金內,同心幫助在此刻有緊急需要的弟兄姐妹。待他們有能力償還時,再將所借的款項歸還在基金內。當此緊急財務需求減緩時,教會將按比例歸還弟兄姐妹所存放的款項(在過程中或許有一些家庭無法及時償還所借款項,因此我們可能會有少許損失,但相信主耶穌必紀念我們的愛心擺上,因祂應許說:“施比受更為有福!”)。若你願意參與這愛心無息基金的服侍,請點此鏈接查看詳細集資說明及步驟,按要求簽署無息貸款基金合約並將合約及支票寄至母堂(收件人:Jeffrey Pao) 若有疑問或欲知更多詳情,可直接與新堂的基金同工鮑開平弟兄聯繫(WeChat ID: kaipingpao,電郵址: jeffrey_pao@hotmail.com )。

2)貸款:若有弟兄姐妹在經濟上有需要,或你知道有教會家庭有需要,請與教會同工聯繫, 他們會在第一時間進行跟進。


Special Care Fund Instruction

A proposal of zero interest loan to the needed brothers and sisters (5/16/20)

  1. Objective:

This program is to provide ongoing financial support to the needed brothers and sisters in Mandarin congregation (CCIC-SJ & CCIC-CSJ) during this financial hardship.

  1. The Support Group and the Committee:
  • Encourage all brothers and sisters in Mandarin congregation to participate the program. The goal is to get 100 members enrolled in the support group.
  • An execution committee of minimum 5 brothers and sisters will be formed. The committee will establish the qualifications and guidelines, be responsible for all the money transactions, i.e., collect and assign the fund.  The committee will report to Daniel Li, the Mandarin congregation Elder.
  1. Procedure:
  • Set up a fund under special purpose account. The bank account is setup under David Yau.  All the incoming checks for this fund will be recorded by Jeffery Pao.

The loaners will commit monthly, or one-time payments.  The loaners have no obligation to guarantee the continuous support, they may withdraw or re-participate the program anytime without advance notice.

  • The loaners should anticipate the possibilities that some borrowers may never return the money. At the end of the program all loaners will redeem the balance proportionally to their total contribution.
  • There is no interest gain, neither the tax benefit from this program. At the end of the program any interest gain after offsetting the debit, will be donated to CCIC.
  • The committee will assist to allocate the loan to the needed qualifiers under established guideline.
  • All loaners and the borrowers shall sign an agreement. Should there be any claims raised in the future, all legal process will be based on the agreement without CCIC’s involvement.
  1. Schedule:

The tentative start date will be in June 2020 and anticipate lasting approximately two years when the program is no longer needed.